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Our main attribute is in the company name: trust. We are a trusted hard money funding lender because we employ flexible financial solutions for real estate projects without hidden fees or convoluted contract terms. Our terms are simple and our policies are straightforward. Our interest lies in seeing people engage with and thrive in the real estate industry without being bogged down by faulty contracts or bad deals.

We are a hard money funding lender that provides real estate investment loans throughout El Paso and nearby towns such as Horizon, Canutillo, Anthony, and other surrounding areas. We support investors through what can often seem like a daunting process of investing, flipping, and selling properties. Our main objective is to see you benefit from the exciting venture of real estate investing and the many exciting opportunities it creates.

Who is Entrust?

Entrust Funding is run by enthusiastic professionals with vast experience in the real estate business. Our company is part of a larger alliance of sister companies all working together to better people’s lives through real estate investing and investment loans.

Lowest Interest Rates in the Area

People will ask: so what’s the catch? This sounds too good to be true, right? Many lenders will hide fees and/or impose high-interest rates that cripple the deal. Entrust Capital Funding has the lowest interest rates in the area. We are currently at 8.99%, which is unmatched by our competitors and provides excellent opportunities to maximize your gains.

Taking the Fast Track with Hard Money Funding

Ready to invest? Going the traditional route can take an exorbitant amount of time. Entrust Capital Funding makes it easy with a quick online application, pre-approval, no credit checks, fast market analysis, and a solid process. Our process is unmatched and you can be up and running with your new investment in two weeks or less.

What We Do – Hard Money Funding

Borrowing from a traditional lender can sometimes feel like watching a snail’s excursion towards the sea. If your credit score is not up to par, forget it! It will take even longer. Hard money funding lenders like Entrust are not worried about your credit score. In fact, we don’t even really look at it. Instead, we look at the collateral being used in the deal—that is—the property in question. After an appraisal and market analysis, we compose a simple contract that gives you the opportunity to make some money off of real estate.

Once you have your desired property, Entrust has a free pre-approval application that takes only a few minutes and can be processed within 24 hours. We then do a market analysis and have an appraisal done on it. Once the appraisers have assessed the value, Entrust is ready to loan 70% of that established value. The total hard money funding process can have the funds released to you in about two weeks.

Many of our clients take advantage of our great loan options to embark upon lucrative real estate investing opportunities. So not only do we offer great loans at the lowest interest rates in the area, but we offer this almost instantly. One of the defining features of Entrust Funding is that we have the money on hand and can process requests quickly and effectively.

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Quick & easy pre-approval

The application is free and we can process that application within 24 hours!

Close in under 7 days!

Entrust Capital Funding has the ability to close files within 7 days, as we have the funds readily available, as long as title is clear.

High LTV, low rates

We ensure a high loan-to-value on your mortgage!

We Want To See You Thrive

We know that starting off in real estate investing takes a lot of capital and this makes it a daunting process for anyone. With our hard money funding, however, the most difficult hurdle is over with so you can focus on maximizing your profits. Entrust Funding lends money to all different kinds of investors; whether you are a first-time investor or an experienced one, Entrust can help you augment your investments. If it is your first time and you have doubts about the process, we are here to guide you along the way. We have done this with many of our real estate agents and have since turned them into experienced investors making the most out of the opportunities afforded.


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Our Lending Process


The application process is very simple. Simply fill out our application online or print out and fax or email it directly to us. Provide us with your personal information, as well as the information about the property. The application must be filled out, in its entirety, before we can begin our valuation process. The application is free and we can process that application within 24 hours!


After the application has been received, we will conduct our After Repair Value process. We will conduct a market analysis on the property, to see what has sold in the area of the potential flip, within the last 6 months, to value the property. We have access to the Multiple Listing Service, which allows us to pull comprehensive market data to value the property for what we believe it will sell. Once that price has been established, we will loan 70% of the ARV at closing. For example, if the property is found to be worth $100,000.00, we will loan 70% of that ARV, minus repairs.


Once we have conducted the ARV Analysis, we will issue a Pre-Approval letter. This approval letter is subject to a site visit by Entrust Capital Funding. At this time, we will examine the home and do a couple of things. We will revise our evaluation, either up or down, due to factors like the neighborhood, condition of the property, unknown features etc. We will also look at the property and make an assessment on how much we feel the repairs will cost. After the site visit, we will issue a Final Approval Letter, in which the final amount we will bring to closing, as well as how much we will keep in escrow for repairs.


The only upfront costs associated with a Hard Money loan from Entrust Capital Funding is $400.00 to open up title and draw up the Loan Documents. Entrust Capital Funding has the ability to close files within 7 days, as we have the funds readily available, as long as title is clear. All closing costs are the responsibility of the borrower.


Once the property closes and funds, the borrower can begin the work of renovating the property. Entrust Capital Funding holds funds for repairs and will distribute those funds on a pre-determined Repair Draw schedule. For example, if the property requires $10,000 in repairs, we would structure our draws as $2,000 for exterior renovation and $8,000 for interior repairs. Once you feel that the exterior repairs are done, contact us and we will go and inspect the renovations. We will not tell you HOW to renovate the property, but we will make sure the all renovations are done completely and to code. If we see the exterior is completed, we will disburse the $2,000 to you. Once the interior repairs are done and we have inspected those repairs, we will issue the final draw of $8,000. Repair draws and schedule are subject to the property.


Once all the renovations have been completed, put the property on the market and sell! You will still be responsible for the payments on the property until the time that it sells. If it does not sell before the maturity date, which is one year unless otherwise stated in the Loan Documents, then you will need to either pay off the loan or refinance at that time. If the property sells, payoff your loan and we can work on the next deal!

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