Private Money Lenders — Serving Investors in El Paso & Surrounding Areas

Entrust Capital Funding is a locally owned and operated private money lender that proudly serves the borderland with exciting funding opportunities. Whether you are remodeling a property, flipping it and/or selling, we get you the funds quicker and at the lowest interest rate. We provide hard money loans beyond the borders of the city of El Paso including surrounding neighbors like Canutillo, Anthony, Horizon, and Socorro.

Our Company’s History

The birth of our company emerged out of a missing link in what is now El Paso’s most complete alliance of real estate-related companies. Entities like Allegiant Construction and Roofing, Reliant Property Management, Weststar Bank, and Summus Realty comprise this working leviathan force of local services that work in tandem to serve people looking to buy, sell, or invest in properties.

With this coalition, people needing guidance or services have vetted and trusted companies or lenders working side by side to solve problems and create more opportunity for them. Entrust was born and gave rise to the best private money lender in the area. In this growing housing market, Entrust Capital Funding emerged because of a growing demand for fast and dependable real estate investment loans.

Our Vision

The Entrust Capital Funding vision begins with a belief that real estate investments are a smart way to grow your assets and protect your financial future. As a private money lender, we focus on helping others obtain success. By providing investors and entrepreneurs with fast and reliable hard money loans, we are connecting them with the many opportunities available in the El Paso market.

Our Mission

As private money lenders, our mission is to serve as the middleman between you and your greater success. We serve as the gateway to better opportunities by providing flexible financing solutions for real estate projects.

About Our Employees

Our team is made up of knowledgeable and experienced real estate experts who understand the market and know the El Paso area and community. We hire only the most professional representatives who are willing to go the extra mile for our clients.

The Real Estate Alliance

Like one of our sister companies likes to say, ‘The synergy is real.’ Part of what makes us unique within the El Paso housing industry, is the access we have to valued partners and lenders. These partnerships give us access to great resources, knowledge, and connections that are useful when making big investing decisions.

Our sister companies include El Paso Cash Home Buyers, Allegiant Construction & Roofing, Sierra Title Co., Reliant Property Management, Global Home USA, and Summus Realty.

This coalition gives you an advantage. For example, if you require roof repairs on your investment property, Allegiant Construction & Roofing works with us to get you the best work for the best price. Or when it comes time to open title, our own Sierra Title Co. is there to work with us in making the process as reliable as possible.

The Entrust Difference

The Entrust Capital Funding difference lies in not only in its close proximity to other well known local companies, but in its operation, process, and approach to real estate investing. We keep things simple and easy to understand, so there are no hidden fees or contract loopholes that trap you in bad deals. Our current rates stand at an impressive 8.99%, unmatched in the El Paso area.

Choose the Experts in Real Estate

Why choose Entrust? Ultimately, the answer lies in our established and solid process. We don’t just lend money, but we guide borrowers towards the best way to maximize their investments.

How To Contact

Ready to climb to the top of the investment ladder? We are your trusted private money lenders. Contact Entrust Capital Funding today for any questions regarding our process or services. Call us anytime at 915-320-6633.

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