How Real Estate Investing Can Change Your Life

It’s not uncommon for people to recoil with trepidation when they hear the words: real estate investing. It sounds like something only experts and people with a Scrooge McDuck-like vault of gold coins could afford to ponder on. This impression is misinformed, as real estate investing has proven to be an accessible and lucrative way for people to catapult themselves into big-time investing opportunities that create fruitful returns.

What Do We Mean By Real Estate Investing?

There are several ways to go about it. One way entails borrowing available funds from a private lender (not a bank) that will allow you to pursue an investment. Entrust Capital Funding is a private lender, also known as hard money lenders, that facilitate funds for investors looking to buy a property, renovate it, flip it, sell it, and make a profit.

Why Choose Real Estate Investment?

Another common question interested investors ask is why this might be a good option for them. It seems complicated, right? It doesn’t have to be. The simple answer is that investing in real estate is something anybody can do. The only prerequisites are finding the right funding and having a willingness to learn.

Some of the main reasons why people find this to be a great way to jumpstart wealth include:

  • Less volatility, more returns. Investing in the stock market comes with an open acceptance of its inherent volatility. The stock market generally contains factors that you can’t control and this can make investing, particularly for a novice or beginner entrepreneur, a very daunting and traumatic prospect. The housing market usually deals with a lot more stability and predictability. Real estate investors have a more manageable playing field, where the odds of winning are good.
  • Increasing values. It’s relatively well known that real estate value tends to go up as time passes. Homes increase in value as cities grow, development expands, and infrastructure sprouts up around them. Even after financial bubbles, real estate prices can bounce back up to normal and guarantee some formidable assets.
  • Grow your wealth. If you are buying a property that you intend to rent out, your tenant will basically pay the mortgage for you with their monthly rent. Renting out a property will help pay back loans so that you can move on to the next one. As a real estate investor, you can choose to continue investing beyond one property. This will likely compound your earnings as you become more familiar and proficient in the industry.
  • Tax Benefits: Many tax benefits and deductions will likely increase your returns. Get deductions on mortgage interest, cash flow from operating expenses and costs and property taxes.

How To Get Started

Remember, the only real prerequisite to real estate investing is a willingness to jump in and finding the right source for your loans. If you’re working with the right lender, they will simplify the process and ensure you have enough funds to get things rolling. Entrust Capital Funding has helped many first-time investors jumpstart their new passions for cash flow in one of the most profitable businesses around. We have even helped some of our sister companies real estate agents get into investing and turn it into a second career. Not to mention the great housing market we have here in the El Paso area, a region forecasted to grow as population and development increase.

Choose A Trusted Lender

Many first-time borrowers will often come into investing with suspicion. They have likely heard stories of shady lenders hiding bad deals in contracts and surprising people with exorbitantly high interest rates that reduce the borrower’s profit or push them into a corner. With Entrust Capital Funding, you can be sure that we have no hidden fine print, nor do we spike up the interest rate. We currently offer the lowest interest rate in the area at 8.99% and have a simple application process that can get you approved in about 24 hours.

Contact Entrust Capital Funding

Find the right loans. If you are thinking about investing in the housing market, but have some questions or doubts about funding and the loan process, feel free to give us a call. We help first time borrowers engage in a money making journey unlike any other. Give us a call today!

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